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Customer Testimonials - 

"Thanks again for being so great to work with! I've been telling every brewer and potential brewer about Ruby Street. One guy asked me, "Why did you buy the Ruby Street? This other system is cheaper." I told him that it was because your turnaround time was faster and more importantly, I was able to speak with YOU, and you and your staff have provided great support, and unlike others, you never make me feel stupid. Refreshing."
 - Phil Wages, Wages Brewing Company - West Plains, MO

"Brewed my first batch on my system and was very impressed with the overall efficiency...bordering on 90%! Thanks for the quality product!
 - DC Brewing - Roseburg, OR
"By the way, I love the system! it is perfect"
 - Jim McKnight, Grumpy Old Men Brewing - Blue Ridge, GA
"Dear Ruby Street, When our seven barrel system didn’t arrive on time, and wouldn’t for another two months your company saved our bacon.  We purchased the Alpha Ruby from you and some plastic fermenters online. The Alpha showed up in four days and we started brewing our butts off. Thanks for the outstanding product.
 - Nate Hardy, Gillette Brewing Company - Gillette, WY
"I am a huge fan of your customer service prowess.  Need a testimonial?"
 - Flip Colmer - Ann Arbor, MI
"I can't believe how well manufactured the Mega Ruby is! I'm extremely impressed with your manufacturing and this set-up is tough as nails. Extremely fine craftsmanship I have to say. Please pass to your welders and framers, A job well done"
 - Robert Moore - Colorado Springs, CO
" I just received my RSB frame today, and I have one word. WOW! Most of the pics I've seen do not fully capture what it's like seeing one up close. The sculpture is very well built and is a thing of beauty. Thank you Ruby Street Brewing for making an amazing product. I'm so excited to break it in"
 - Jeff Maass - Seattle, WA
"Even though I've had my system for almost a year now, I just had the privilege of brewing on it for the first time this weekend. Shame on me.  But, first time, learning a new system, etc, it was an absolute joy to brew on my Ruby. Everything worked beautifully, and I think I have turned out the finest brew I've made to date! Just wanted to say thanks.
- John in Baltimore
"My Mega Ruby came in today - she's BEAUTIFUL!!!"
 - Bill Thomas - Odenton, MD

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