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Digital Control Package

Our Digital Control Package is specifically designed for Ruby Street brewing systems.  This digital controller offers one convenient control panel for temperature control of the HLT and mash tun as well as ignition control for all 3 burners.   The control panel mounts to the left side of any Ruby Street frame with a quick disconnect arm for ease of transportation and cleaning. Interested in adding this control system to your gas fired brewery? Give us a call, as we now offer custom gas fired controllers for any brew system.        

Digital Control V1.2.png
  • 2 separate PID controls for HLT and Mash Tun temp control

    • Setting the temp with these controllers is as easy as adjusting your home thermostat

    • Programmable temperature alarms keep you informed

  • Digital Control system monitors kettle temps to within 0.5° and automatically lights and extinguishes burners as needed

  • On/Off/Auto switches on HLT and Mash burners for digital and manual control

  • On/Off switch for Boil Kettle ignition control

  • Digital process timer with alarm

  • On/Off switches for pumps

  • Electronic ignition based on safe flame ionization sensing technology

    • If a burner blows out, it will immediately attempt to relight.

    • If relight attempt fails, gas valve will close and require a manual reset

    • No standing pilot light

Digital Control Package now includes pump controls on the digital panel! Pump remote on/off switches not included if this package is included.

Plate Chiller Package 

Our Plate Chiller Package can be added to any Ruby Street brewing system.  Plate chiller is mounted to frames for efficiency and convenience and can be easily removed with 2 wing nuts.       

Alpha and Mega Ruby Plate Chiller Mount

Alpha and Mega Ruby Plate Chiller Mount

Ruby Street Brewery and Fusion Plate Chiller Mount

Ruby Street Brewery and Fusion Plate Chiller Mount

  • Large 30 plate stainless chiller

  • Powder coated bracket to fit any Ruby Street frame

  • Mounting hardware included

  • Tri Clover wort connections with 3” dial outflow thermometer

  • Male and female garden hose fittings on water side of chiller

  • Sold installed on Ruby Street systems and frames or shipped as an aftermarket addition to Ruby Street system

In-Line Oxygen Package

A fast and easy way to oxygenate your cooled wort.  Equipped with stainless tri-clover fittings, this inline oxygen stone can be placed on the outflow side of your pump or chiller. Includes a regulator that attaches to a standard welding oxygen tank and 6’ of vinyl tubing.


Sight Glass

Immersion Chiller 

Our 50 ft. Immersion Chiller is coiled with 3/8" copper tubing and fitted with quality brass garden hose connectors.


HERMS - (heat exchange recirculating mash system) 

Many brewers are choosing HERMS as an option to maintain mash temperatures and perform step mashes without direct fired heat.  Our HERMS coil option offers a 1/2" x 50' stainless coil in the hot liquor tank that allows the brewer to recirculate the mash runoff through the coiled heat exchanger and back into the mash tun.

50' Stainless 1/2" Coil Inside of HLT

50' Stainless 1/2" Coil Inside of HLT

Tri-Clamp inlet and exit fittings on outside of HLT with shutoff valve on inlet

Tri-Clamp inlet and exit fittings on outside of HLT with shutoff valve on inlet

Propane / Natural Gas

The standard fuel source for all Ruby Street Brewing systems is Propane but all systems may be ordered set up for Natural Gas with the following criteria:

  • The Ruby Street Brewery must be ordered as either propane or natural gas and there are no options for conversion.
  • The Mega Ruby may be ordered set up for either propane or natural gas but is easily converted with our Natural Gas or Propane conversion kits. (Conversion kits not included with system)
  • The Alpha Ruby may be ordered set up for either propane or natural gas but is easily converted with our Natural Gas or Propane conversion kits.  (Conversion kits not included with system) 

50 Gallon Kettle Upgrade

The Alpha Ruby and SideKick systems include 45 gallon kettles which are more than adequate for brewing a 31 gallon finished batch.  One or more of the kettles on the system can be upgraded to 50 gallons for additional capacity to allow for more intense boils or larger mash capacity.

50 Gallon Pot Square.png

Whirlpool Arm

Our all stainless steel Whirlpool Arm provides for clearer wort, faster chilling and optimum hop utilization.  The sweeping "S" bend design offers superior flow and performance vs. competitors hard 90 degree corner design.

  • Thu-wall mounted  SS whirlpool arm

  • ½” stainless steel ball valve

  • 1-1/2” SS tri-clover fitting

Custom Frame Colors

Our standard red frames are generally in-stock for immediate shipment.  Allow up to 4 weeks for custom colors. Click Here For Color Options

 Didn't see what you're looking for?  No problem, we can also coat our frames in almost any RAL Color Code - RAL Color Chart

Blue New Square.png


Get a 100% stainless steel frame for your Ruby Fusion or Ruby Alpha system. Stainless frames can still be powder coated if you'd like them to be colored.

 Didn't see what you're looking for?  No problem, we can also coat our frames in almost any RAL Color Code - RAL Color Chart

Stainless Frame Option.png

The Domino Accessory Shelf

Need a place to set your beverages, spoons, refractometer, etc. while brewing?  We now offer a removable accessory shelf that fits perfectly on our Ruby Street Brewery™ and Mega Ruby™ frames and systems.  

Machined from high density plastic, this 10" x 15" shelf includes 4 recessed beverage spots and steel hardware powder coated in our signature red.  Attached with a single steel pin, this shelf can be removed in seconds so it doesn't interfere with standing the brewery on end.  Includes all mounting hardware.  Maximum weight 30 lbs.



Thru-wall Return Fitting

Many brewers prefer to re-circulate and/or sparge with the kettle lids on.  The thru-wall return fitting option makes this process easy. This fitting is generally mounted at the top of the kettle just below the rim.

  • Thru-wall fittings mounted in HLT or Boil kettles will include a silicone tube that reaches the bottom  of the kettle to prevent splashing.
  • Thru-wall fittings mounted in the Mash Tun will include a cork float silicone sparging hose.




Thermometers in the kettles are really a matter of personal preference.  Some brewers like having the convenience of mounted thermometers on every kettle.  Some brewers prefer to use a digital quick read thermometer and not have that rigid probe in the way of stirring the kettle.  We will gladly install thermometers in 1, 2, or 3 of your kettles based on personal preference.  Some systems ship standard with thermometers in 2 or more kettles (refer to the options list for details)



Sight Glass

Many brewers prefer to use sight glasses for measuring volume on their HLT and/or Boil kettles. Our sight glasses are constructed with real glass housed in a stainless steel sheath with all stainless hardware. Sight Glasses are pre-marked with US Gallons (we also offer markings in liters upon request).



Stainless Steel Hop Filter

Our hop filter makes cleaning your brewery a breeze.  The large capacity 6" x 14" 400 micron screen is made of 100% stainless steel.  These screens will contain the majority off all hop material from both whole hops and pellet hops.  We highly recommend this option when using plate chillers to avoid trapped hop material in your chiller.  You can also recirculate through the hop filter while chilling to capture cold break protein material. 


Sight Glass

Additional Pump / Bracket

You asked for it, we provided it!  While a second pump is not required to brew or to transfer to a fermenter on our systems, our customers have found several uses for having a second pump on the frame.  We now offer an add on pump bracket that doesn't look like an add on.  This handy bracket is powder coated in red and looks just like the original welded in bracket.  Includes mounting instructions and hardware.  If you order with a frame or system, we will install it for you.  Additional pumps may be ordered with systems or as an after market item.


Electric Panel Mount

Electric brewing is no longer tied to the wall.  With our new panel mounting brackets, your panel now conveniently mounts directly to your brewing frame.  The bracket can be quickly and easily removed from the frame with 2 stainless lynch pins, maintaining the portability of your Ruby Street System.  Looking for a longer power cord to supply your panel?  Give us a call, we can do that!

Small Panel Bracket fits Ruby Street Brewery, Fusion 15, Fusion 25, Mega Ruby

Small Panel Bracket fits Ruby Street Brewery, Fusion 15, Fusion 25, Mega Ruby

Large Panel Bracket fits Alpha Ruby

Large Panel Bracket fits Alpha Ruby

Fill and flush cleaning system

This revolutionary cleaning system is designed to allow you to easily clean and backflush all of the wort plumbing on your brewing system.  Our patent pending process cleans all of your system hoses and accessories and back-flushes without moving any hoses.  The ability to change flow direction with a single valve is critical to properly clean plate chillers, in-line oxygen systems, HERMS coils, and wort pumps.  The back and forth liquid motion breaks loose both protein and hop residue in these accessories.  The Hook Valve Assembly also hangs on the kettle and allows you to easily fill your kettles with water using a regular garden hose.

Hook Valve Assembly

Hook Valve Assembly

Flush Manifold

Flush Manifold


Touch-screen control

Our 7” Touchscreen Control System gives you complete control of your brewery with a full host of applications and features including:

Touch-Screen Control

Touch-Screen Control

  • HTL Temp Control

  • Automatic HERMS offset temp for Mash Temp Control

  • (3) Boil Control Modes – PID Control, % Output, Smart Boil (automatically lowers output percentage at boiling point)

  • Pump Control

  • Delay Start HLT

  • Mash Schedules – Ability to name and save 5 unique mash schedules with up to 5 temperature steps per schedule

  • (3) Programmable Process Timers

  • (3) Programmable Temperature Alarms (high and low)

  • Energy Usage Calculator (tracks electricity cost per batch)

  • Gravity Conversion Calculator

  • Carbonation Calculator

  • Temperature Trends

  • Strike Water Temp Calculator

  • Alcohol ABV/ABW Calculator

  • Help Screens / On-board electronic users guide for all functions