Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  How much does the complete system cost?

A.  We only sell wholesale to authorized dealers so we cannot quote any exact retail prices.  Please visit our Find a Dealer link to locate a supplier near you.  Please keep in mind that many of our retailers do not have our equipment on their websites, so you may have to call them for pricing.  If you cannot find a retailer near you, you may purchase our products through any one of our retailers and we will drop ship directly to you.  Feel free to email us with any questions at:


Q.  What size pots (kettles) will your frame only option accommodate?

A.  The standard Ruby frame will accept a maximum kettle width of 16" and a maximum recommended height of 23".  There is exactly 20" of height difference between the lower and upper tiers.

A.  The Fusion 15 frame will accept a maximum kettle width of 16" and maximum volume of 20 gallons.

A.  The Fusion 25 frame will accept a maximum kettle width of 21" and maximum volume of 30 gallons

A.  The Mega Ruby frame will accept a maximum kettle width of 24" and a maximum height of 20.5" (in the mash tun position).  Maximum kettle volume 35 gallons. 

A.  The Alpha Ruby frame will accept a maximum kettle width of 24" and maximum volume of 55 gallons.  Please contact us with any specific questions concerning dimensions.


Q.  What is the build time on a complete system?

A.  Generally we have inventory on systems and frames and ship within a few weeks.  This could vary with demand, please feel free to contact us for current availability.


Q.  What type of burners are included with the systems?

A.  We use 4" cast iron high pressure propane burners on our standard 15 gallon system, 6" cast iron high pressure burners on the Fusion 15, and we use 10" cast iron high pressure burners on our Fusion 25, Mega Ruby and Alpha Ruby systems.  These burners have proven be more than adequate for the 10, 15, 20, and 31 gallon batch sizes.  All testing on the systems is performed at 5,000 feet, so performance at lower altitudes will be even better.


Q.  Are there burners under every kettle?

A.  Yes, our systems include three burners so every kettle is direct fired.


Q.  Can these systems be used with natural gas?

A. Yes, all systems can be built and shipped setup for natural gas.  We do have conversion kits available for all systems as well.  All systems will ship setup for propane use unless otherwise specified.


Q. Are replacement parts available?

A. Yes, All components of the system are available.  Make sure that you have the serial number from your frame available when ordering.


Q.  Do you offer a warranty on your products?

A.  Yes, we offer a 1 year limited warranty on our complete systems.  please contact us for details