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Ruby Street Brewing

We specialize in building top quality all grain beer brewing systems and equipment.

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The Alpha Ruby (45-50 Gallon)

Designed as a Nano Brewery / Pilot Brewery, this system features 45 Gallon Kettles and will brew a true 1 bbl (31 gallon) batch.  Featuring two stainless pumps and all 1.5" tri-clover connections, this brewery has found it's niche as an economical option for brew pubs, large breweries, and garage fanatics.

The Alpha Ruby II (45-50 Gallon)

If you already have an HLT or On-demand hot water source this system is the perfect 1 BBL pilot for breweries with limited space.  Compact and portable, the Alpha Ruby II offers all of the benefits of the popular Alpha Ruby at a fraction of the cost.  Offered with 45 or 50 gallon kettles for a true 1 BBL (15-31 gallon) batch.  The frame even stands on-end for out of the way storage.

The Fusion 25 (25 Gallon)

Modeled after the popular Fusion 15, and based on a demand for larger kettles, we are excited to launch the all new Fusion 25. This culmination of large 10" burners nested under tri-clad bottom 25 gallon pots creates a winning combination of volume, performance, and value.  The 25 gallon pots will brew finished batches ranging from 10-18 gallons.  The small frame (70.5" overall length) allows this system to easily transported.  

The Fusion 15 (15 Gallon)

Designed as our most compact and portable model ever and loaded with professional features, the Fusion 15™ is the most versatile system we build.  We call it the Fusion because it's truly is a culmination of pro design features, conveniences, and fabrication technology that we have drawn from our other designs as well as countless custom builds.  15.5 Gallon Kettles will brew a 10 gallon batch.  The small frame (63.5" overall length) allows this system to easily transport in most SUV's.  The Fusion 15 systems are quickly becoming the preferred system for commercial pilot use, beer brewing education, and home-brewers that simply want the best.

The Original Ruby (15 Gallon)

The Ruby Street Brewery™  is a full featured high quality home beer brewing structure unlike anything else on the market.  Our signature bent tube frame powder coated in red and loaded with solid stainless steel fittings and kettles offers a unique blend of both form and function.  Oh yeah, and large 10" pneumatic tires allow easy transport to wherever your beer brewing obsession takes you! 

Ruby Street Gear

Show your brew pride with our great shirts, sweatshirts, metal signs, and more.


"By the way, I love the system! it is perfect."

— Grumpy Old Men Brewing



Who uses Ruby street brewing systems:

All systems are proudly built in Fort Collins, Colorado by our family.