Touchscreen control

Our 7” Touchscreen Control System with Ruby Apps™ gives you complete control of your electric or gas brewery with a full host of applications and features including:

Touch-Screen Control Electric

Touch-Screen Control Electric

Touchscreen Control Gas

Touchscreen Control Gas

  • HLT Temp Control

  • Automatic HERMS offset temp for Mash Temp Control

  • (3) Boil Control Modes – PID Control, % Output, Smart Boil (automatically lowers output percentage at boiling point)

  • Pump Control

  • Delay Start HLT (only available on electric system controls)

  • Mash Schedules – Ability to name and save 5 unique mash schedules with up to 5 temperature steps per schedule

  • (3) Programmable Process Timers

  • (3) Programmable Temperature Alarms (high and low)

  • Energy Usage Calculator (tracks electricity cost per batch) - (only available on electric system controls)

  • Gravity Conversion Calculator

  • Carbonation Calculator

  • Temperature Trends

  • Strike Water Temp Calculator

  • Alcohol ABV/ABW Calculator

  • Electronic Ignition with Safe Flame Sensing Technology (gas fired)

  • Help Screens / On-board electronic users guide for all functions